Getting old is a bitch

They say, “Life’s a bitch and then you die.” That’s not true.

Actually, life’s a bitch, then you get where you can’t see or hear very well, then you get wrinkly, then you get batty, then you can’t walk very well and have hip ad knee replacements, then you take lots of drugs every day, then you get slower and more batty, then you can only walk with a walker, then you get more batty and start wearing diapers again, then you move to a depressing place with other people in the same sorry state and slug away a couple years, then you are broke, then your kids are broke, then you fall and break your hip, then you spend two weeks in the hospital and/or nursing facility, and then you die. But right before all that starts, you go through all it with your parents.

Fortunately, there’s cocktails, and, in particular, new and wonderful bourbons with which to make them. That’s what the NYTimes says, although they didn’t mention flora.




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