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Blogger’s Block and Video Fun

I am having a mid-life crisis. That is my excuse for not writing anything in such a long time. I also notice that the longer one goes without writing something, anything, the easier it is to continue not writing. So, my new strategy is to participate in that time-honored practice of bloggers the world over: recycling content. So, in the spirit of writing something, anything, in order to make it a habit, i have written this as a preamble to the video below. I think it’s an inspiration to middle-aged breeder hipsters like me. And maybe it is an homage of sorts to Art of Noise.

Once i figure out how to embed this feed here, i’ll do it. In the meantime, here is the link.


When the Cultural Intersects the Personal

I have mostly kept to personal writing in this journal. But there are times when cultural and societal conversations possess a gravitas that pulls all matters into their orbit, including the most isolated personal ones.

Recently, i was again reminded of the conversation going on at a site dealing with a topic of importance to all Americans, How to Avoid the Bummer Life. I trust that the below is all that need be presented to establish the apodictic centrality of this site to your life.


Smart Car Monster Truck

All of sudden, like the past month, Smart Cars having been popping up in my neighborhood like mushrooms in a cow pasture. It looks like they could overtake Priuses on the roadways of Berkeley. But behold how awesome this is! It perfectly combines the sensibilities my old home town (Fresno, CA) and my new town (Albany/Berkeley, CA). Leave it to a Greek…